Does your process prevent calcium from returning?

No. Calcium is a natural buildup that can be caused by many uncontrollable external factors, mostly by hard water deposits. 

How often should I have this process done? 

It can be completed as often as you like. Calcium buildup can be faster in some areas than others and personal preferences may vary. 

Do you seal the area after you are finished bead blasting?

We always seal tile after bead blasting. Rock and other water features are not sealed.

What has made my tile look dingy or have a white haze and/or line? 

This is caused by calcium build up and scum build up. This will generally leave white lines, clumps, or patches along any medium that water comes into contact with over a period of time.  

Do you use chemicals? Is it safe for my kids and pets?

No. We do not use any chemicals that will harm the environment or your pool water. Our process utilizes glass micro spheres to remove the calcium.  Because of the equipment used to complete the process, we do ask that people and pets stay out of the pool area during the blasting process. 

Does my pool have to be drained?

Unless you are resurfacing your pool, the pool does not have to be completely drained. Typically, I only have to drain enough water to expose approximately 2 inches below the blasting surface. However, because of our cleanup process, your water line may drop a total of 6-8 inches.  

How soon will I be able to get into my pool?

A general rule of thumb is 24 hours to allow for proper curing of the tile sealant and refilling. 

How long does the tile cleaning process take?

It varies from 3-8 hours depending on size of pool and scope of blasting area needing done.

Why does my pool look so murky or cloudy after you are done?

This is not always the case, but when cleaning calcium off of rock your pool may become cloudy or murky. The reason for this is that in the bead blasting process, rock is softer than tile resulting in “dust” particles that float. These particles are lighter in density than the water, thus, not falling to the pool floor. Running your pool system after refilling for 8-10hrs typically clears this all up and does not harm your pool system.