North Texas Tile Savers specializes in removing calcium deposits, also known as “scaling” from your pool tile.

Our cleaning method is the best known eco-friendly process for removing that ugly white ring left behind by dried pool water on the surface of your tile. Other methods like using pumice stone and/or acid can either leave permanent scrapes or damage your tile and grout not to mention good scrapes on your knuckles. 

Our bead blasting method employs glass micro spheres under low pressure that gently removes calcium deposits from the tile. We do not use any chemicals in our cleaning process that can harm the environment or your pool water. Our tile cleaning process is meticulous and thourough. We can clean tile in both full and empty pools.

The Process

  1. Meet with client to discuss all areas needing calcium removal. This ensures that I tailor to the client’s wants and needs.

  2. Lower pool and/or spa water to working level. (Approx. 2 inches below tile)

  3. Set up the equipment for the calcium removal process.

  4. Remove calcium from all areas that were previously discussed.

  5. After the calcium removal process is done, the tile is scrubbed with a tile detergent that helps remove dirt, oils, and iron stains.

  6. A last thorough rinse is done to all the areas that had the cleaning process performed.

  7. Cleaning equipment is then removed from around the pool area.

  8. Media used is vacuumed from the pool and spa. (Additional water will be removed. Approx. 4-6 inches equaling a total of 6-8 inches of water totally removed from pool.) This saves you time and money when refilling!

  9. Lastly, the tile is sealed with a tile sealer designed for pool tile and do any minor clean up needed around pool area. Also, during this time, there will be a last walk through with the client to answer any questions and/or concerns they may have after the cleaning process.